Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Small City Tour Down Town Section

                 Historic Charleston South Carolina  a great place to Live,Grow up or just Visit we have some very old history to our great city of course like most cities some good some bad but all History. We start in the down town section of Charleston we have the very famous Cobble stone Roads that have been there for a great deal of time roads so small one compact car can barley fit down and i hope you got good suspension on that car. 
              Then we move down past the Market area where they have a great building which was once the trading block for slaves once again cant be proud of all your history.There is now a Museum in this very spot for all to come and see and learn how we have moved up in our ways since then. We also have a Haunted History of our great city some of the older more prestigious buildings have a past of hunting's. Taking on the Charlestons great Tours on Horse and Buggy the guides are sure to tell you History of many buildings to peek your interest. 
              Moving down we have the glorious Water Front Park great place to spend time with the family their are swings lining up in front of the waterway for a nice breeze and a great view of our wonderful Charleston Harbor. A wide open field for the kids and dad to stretch there legs and burn up some energy  or see some collage students tossing the football around. 
              As we leave the waterfront park you come back across the market area where there is much fun for all. Vendors  line up in the middle of a long street with night clubs, Bars, Restaurants on both sides is a great late night spot for all the grown UPS,and Very tasteful for a daytime experience with the family. No matter your taste you will find something of your likes down this magical strip of history. 
                Then to the shopping Section we hit King Street and the overwhelm of the sudden sensation to spend money hits you as you tour down the road looking at all the window's of some of your favorite Brand names is truly a great place to shop for the finer things in life. 
               Well that about wraps up my small section of what Charleston South Carolina is like to visit.   Thanks for reading and look forward to more. If any thing your looking for please let me know.